'Happily Organic!' Event for Pesticide Action Week 2015 - MALTA

We are happy to announce a Green Drinks Gathering coming up on Sunday the 29th of March in the afternoon to celebrate Pesticide Action Week 20-30th March.

For the 'Happily Organic!' event Green Drinks Malta will partner with Joseph Sciberras of Majjistral Eco Farm and enjoy a beautiful walk and a presentation about the wonderful organic work undertaken at the farm. 

We will finish off Green Drinks style with socialising over 'fresh gbejniet, ful u hobz biz-zejt' washed down with lovely some home-made wine.

Date: Sunday the 29th of March
Time: 3pm - 6pm
Meeting place: Manikata Church
Suggested Donation: €5 (adults), €3.50 (children under 12 years)
To bring: Walking shoes, water, cloth bag in case you wish to buy some organic veggies / jams / honey / wine.

This event is not to be missed.

Book now on info@greendrinksmalta.org.

kind regards
Natalie Debono
Green Drinks Malta - Raising Environmental Consciousness one Gathering at a Time.

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Ethical Gifting Initiative

We have to pleasure to invite you to the launch of the Ethical Gifting Initiative on Saturday the 15th of November 2014 at 10am at the Fairtrade Shop SAY IT! Malta, 32, Tarxien Road, Paola (MAP).

We will have a series of short informative presentations & tastings.

This event is free but we would appreciate if you would RSVP by emailing info@coregreen.eu until Friday 14th November NOON if you wish to be present for the launch.

Media Release 08/11/14

Ethical Gifts the Fairtrade Way.

Say It! Malta and CORE GREEN ecoFOOD are launching the ‘Ethical Gifting Initiative’ to assist consumers to take informed and ethical decisions when making their purchases.

Natalie Debono, director of CORE GREEN says that “with the country gearing up for the Christmas period, we wish to point people in the direction of gifts that will help cut the ethical and environmental costs. These products are accessible locally so put some thinking before buying to ensure that the gift is ethical, good quality and without all the unnecessary packing that adds to the waste”. 

Roberta Debono coordinator of Say It! Malta states that “products which are fairly traded can be part of the solution”. 

  • Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.
  • Fairtrade isn’t about charity. It is about rethinking the relationship between producers and consumers. Fairtrade makes sure that this relationship is based on honesty and respect. It is an assertion of the rights of all to decent living and working standards.
  • Choosing to buy Fairtrade products as an individual is an important way to ensure that the people who have made those products are being treated fairly. What will make even more of a difference is encouraging others to buy Fairtrade by raising awareness of the difference Fairtrade can make.
  • By taking action on Fairtrade, you are securing rights for some of the most marginalised producers in the world: helping ensure that they get a fair deal and a living wage and are able to work towards the sustainable development of their communities.

The public is invited to the Ethical Gifting Open Day at the Say It! Fairtrade shop in 32, Triq Hal-Tarxien, Paola (few steps from Ipoġew bus stop) on Saturday the 15th of November 2014 between 9.30am and 1pm. The programme is as follows:

10:00 – A Better World This Christmas and After – Talk & Tasting

10:30 – Organic & Fairtrade Gifts? What For? The wholesome vision of CORE GREEN ecoFOOD – Talk & Tasting

11:00 – Choosing Ethical Products Which Work. Discover the healing qualities of coconut oil, water & milk - Talk & Tasting

11.30 – Practical Presents? Sure! The benefits of using plant-based detergents in the home


Xahar biss ‘il bogħod minn żmien il-Milied, żmien li miegħu iġib ġirja sfrenata kontra l-ħin biex wieħed jixtri titiżjin u r-rigali, Say It! Malta u Core Green ingħaqdu flimkien sabiex titqajjem kuxjenza dwar xiri ta’ prodotti li ma jagħmlux ħsara lill-ambjent u fl-istess ħin isegwu prattiċi ta’ etika.
Mistoqsija xi jfissru l-prattiċi ta’ etika, Roberta Debono minn Say It! Malta qalet li bi prattiċi ta’ etika wieħed ifisser li ma jsirx sfruttament ta’ minorenni fil-produzzjoni u li mill-flus li jidħlu mill-bejgħ ta’ prodotti, ma jiġux finanzjati attivitajiet li jistgħu ikunu ta’ ħsara lejn l-ambjent u l-umanità.
Bil-għan li tkompli titqajjem kuxjenza dwar dan, matul tmiem il-ġimgħa li ġej se tkun qed tittella’ ġurnata ta’ attivitajiet u informazzjoni, fil-ħanut ta’ Say It! Malta f’Raħal Ġdid.
Quddiem sfidi ambjentali dejjem akbar u effetti li jinħassu dejjem aktar ta’ nuqqas ta’ responsabbiltà, wieħed jittama li l-etika fix-xiri ta’ prodotti ssir parti mill-prattika ta’ kuljum.

kind regards

Natalie Debono

Green Drinks Malta - Raising Environmental Consciousness 
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ACT! Youth & Environment Fair


ACT! Youth & Environment Fair 

Friday 31 October from 10:00-18:00 and 

Saturday 1 November from 10:00-16:00 

at the Grand Ballroom in the Phoenicia Hotel. 


For more info visit www.facebook.com/ACTmalta.

Green Drinks Malta Meets The Vegetarian Society of Malta

On the 16th of October 2014 we had the pleasure to meet the core team members of The Vegetarian Society of Malta.  It was very interesting to say the least to listen to Mr John Darmanin speak, still passionately, about the infancy of the society, the lovely events they used to organise amid the wonder and amazement of the a population who still thought that vegetarians were an alien species and their values straight out of hell.  Christine Garzia describes Mr Darmanin as “a real fountain of wisdom and knowledge” and rightly so.  I was in full admiration listening attentively to his layered and deep, ethically-honed world view.

Those who wish to contribute some time and energy to assist with the great and important work of The Vegetarian Society are encouraged to contact Christine Garzia on the.vegetarian.society@gmail.com.

Green Drinks Malta wishes John, Grace and Christine many years of service to the community through their important work and looking forward to your next event.

Additional Information:
This is some excellent information I lifted that was originally supplied by Katherine and George Azzopardi who were active in the founding of the society:
When the Vegetarian Society of Malta was founded in October 1992, there were very few vegetarians in Malta and 99% of the island's 330,000 inhabitants had probably never even heard the word. In just five years, that situation has been radically altered by a small group of people dedicated to getting the concept of vegetarianism widely known throughout Malta. There has been such a huge increase in interest encouraged also by the tourist trade that the majority of restaurants now include a vegetarian menu.
From the beginning, the society placed maximum emphasis on the need to educate the public and therefore to publish as much information as possible in a widely accessible form.

Members of the society send greetings to vegetarians around the world, and especially to those who dedicate time and effort to achieving the beautiful ideal of a vegetarian world. Human beings must come to understand that they should eat only those foods which will have a beneficial effect on body, mind and spirit, and to appreciate that all forms of life humans, animals, birds, fish, plants have a right to be treated with respect. Those basic principles, together with a firm determination to succeed, will ultimately bring about the revolution of consciousness so urgently needed by planet earth and all its inhabitants”.
I also came across a direct but eloquent letter penned by Mr John Darmanin to The Times of Malta to shed some light on vegetarian matters. 

Ms Christine Garzia, the PRO of the Society has based her dissertation on Vegetariansim entitled ‘On Becoming Vegetarian, A Study of Beliefs and Motives’