Pesticide Action Week 2017

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Pesticide Action Week 2017 - This annual and international event aims to promote alternatives to pesticides to improve the environment and health.

Join us! Schedule of Acitvities:
Organic Chocolate Tasting in Organic Farm by Vincent's Eco-Farm & CORE GREEN:Organic & Fairtrade - Saturday 18th March:

Veggie Walk & PicnicThe Vegetarian Society of Malta & Green Drinks Malta - Saturday 25th of March -

Organic Fruit & Nuts + bring your own container - Organised by CORE GREEN: organic + fairtade on Saturday 1st April:

March Against Monsanto 2016

It's time to march again.

Join us on Saturday, 21st May 2016 in Valletta at 10:00 am. 

March Against Monsanto is a global call to action aimed at informing the public, calling into question long-term health risks of  Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) and the chemicals used such as Glyphosate, Malta should vote NO for Glyphosate.
The European Parliament voted last month to stop the EU approve "probably carcinogenic" glyphosate for most uses. Glyphosate weedkillers like Roundup should be completely banned, but the European Commission still seems determined to put Monsanto's interests before public health concerns.

In March, the Netherlands joined France, Sweden, and Italy to oppose a new 15-year licence for glyphosate. Undeterred, the European Commission has tweaked the glyphosate license proposal a little to win over the Netherlands. We need to come together now to make sure the government stands up to the agrochemical lobby and the Commission.

Concerns about the harm of the world's most popular weedkiller are reaching a breaking point. Which means that the vote will be a close one, and "swing vote".   
Tell the Maltese government to use its decisive vote to keep glyphosate out of Europe.

Last month, MEPs backed a ban of glyphosate not only for hobby gardeners and in green spaces like parks and playgrounds, but also in agriculture, where crop diversification and mechanical means are sufficient for the necessary weed control. They also called for strict limits on pre-harvest applications - -- proof that lawmakers are coming to understand the dangers of Monsanto’s favorite pesticide. 

Yet, the Commission is ploughing ahead regardless – while experts say we need an outright ban in order to protect against contamination of our food, water, and soil.
Locally, a group of concerned citizens and a number of NGOs have come together to form the Clean Food Movement (CFM).
The movement, though still very young, has already held a number of activities to fulfill its mission.  The movement’s mission is to disseminate information and educate consumers and stakeholders on food issues.
The movement’s principles are based on three very simple terms:  Clean, Healthy, Care.
The movement will lobby for:
•    Food that meets high quality and safety standards devoid of chemicals, clean from additives, least processed and does not harm human health
•    Food production and consumption that treat animals humanely
•    Food production and consumption that protects the environment
•    Food with accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for producers
Food production over the years has become dominated by a few multinational players that control the supply chain, from seed to fork!  Such dependence and dominance by these players is affecting our right to food that is clean and healthy.  We demand food that is free from patent rights!.

Industrialised food has shifted the value of food from the farmer to the industrialist.  Today, it is a fact that for every 100 cents we spend on food, it is only 15 cents that are reaching the real producer of the food, which is the farmer.

The movement will also do whatever is within its power to lobby against the further spread of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).  Besides the potential health effects, GMOs are not ethical.  What was promised to solve the world food hunger has resulted in more widespread famine as fewer companies got hold of the food supplies, even the basic right to seeds.  Farmers that are trapped into the GMO scam will lose their rights to harvesting seeds for their next crop and will have no option but to pay the patent rights on the common good.

We will not stand for cronyism. We will not stand for poison. That’s why we March Against Monsanto

Programme of Events: Pesticide Action Week Malta 2016

Programme of Events:

CORE GREEN:Organic & Fairtrade Food

Already organised:

*Sunday 20th March:  Bring on Spring, Pesticide Free! - OPEN DAY at Villa Bologna organised by The Veg Box and Green Drinks Malta

These events are organised for you to enjoy and learn in the process.  Full of value.  Not to be missed!

Climate Action - COP21

Due to sea level rise, we are risking rapid loss of coastline, particularly in low-lying coastal areas.
Photo credit Glen Slattery Photography


It is the 21st Conference of the Parties, i.e. the annual meeting of all countries which want to take action for the climate.

It will be held in Le Bourget, France, from 30 November to 11 December 2015.

WHY 2°C 
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global warming of more than 2°C would have serious consequences, such as an increase in the number of extreme climate events.

$100 BILLION FOR WHAT?In Copenhagen in 2009 and in Cancún in 2010, developed countries committed to raising $100 billion per year by 2020 to help developing countries cope with climate change. This promise is linked to the historic responsibility of developed countries with regard to global warming.

Malta calls for real action on Climate Change using live installations in Birgu
Over 147 Heads of State will launch a two-week United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) Summit on November 30, expected to deliver a global climate change agreement that would come into effect in 2020. The undersigned are afraid that this agreement will be a weak one and will do little to slow down climate change.

On the eve of the Summit, hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets in some 150 countries to call for real action on climate change. In Malta, Friends of the Earth Malta has coordinated a series of live installations highlighting the implications of a weak COP agreement. This comes hot on the heels of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta, taking place today at the very same place where the live installations were set up. The location was chosen specifically to remind the Commonwealth Heads of State of their responsibility to the people when they attend the COP21 meeting.

“People know that this time, we can’t count on the goodwill of our governments to save the world. We need civil society pressure in Paris. The transformation to socially-controlled, renewable energy, is underway, led by the real leaders – the people. If people's solutions are embraced universally, and not further held back by decision-makers, nor undermined by corporate incentives, we could together make huge strides along the path to climate-safe societies,” said Martin Galea De Giovanni, Director at Friends of the Earth Malta.

"The people are building a strong and radical climate justice movement which recognizes that climate change is not a single-issue struggle, and that injustices are a result of a system that is also fuelling climate change. This includes the forced displacement and migration of millions of people, whose fundamental rights are denied on a daily basis. The fight for social justice must necessarily include climate justice concerns.“ said Dr. Maria Pisani, Director at Integra Foundation.

Millions are already paying with their lives for our governments’ continued inaction. The climate crisis disproportionately affects the poorer nations and the poorest people, who are not responsible for the climate crisis we are facing. The world's richest, developed countries are most responsible for climate change, having polluted their way to progress. These nations have taken up much more than their fair share of atmospheric space and natural resources, and must urgently make the deepest emission cuts to completely transform their economies and societies. If we want to reduce the future suffering of millions of refugees, we need to make all the links in the bigger picture and start acting on the root causes.

Despite all the efforts being made, governments either lack a long-term vision when addressing issues related to climate change, or are blinded by short-term monetary gains of economic growth. Humans are integrated into the natural environment, and we affect and are affected by it. We encourage our fellow youths to learn, take part and play an active role in preventing irreversible damage to our earth system," said Danika Formosa, General Secretary of Institute of Applied Science Student Organisation.

In Malta, successive governments have failed to implement Climate Change measures across the board, and as a result, Malta is still far from reaching its renewable energy commitments. This situation is aggravated by the fact that damaging planning policies are running counter to Climate Change values, in facilitating building on more virgin land and encouraging high-rise buildings which the UNESCO Sustainability Committee has confirmed create urban heat canyons and contribute to Climate Change. 

-------- Notes ------

The 26 local signatories endorsing this PR are the following:
Friends of the Earth Malta,  Greenhouse Malta, Institute for Applied Sciences Students Organisation, Integra Foundation, Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust, Malta Organic Agriculture Movement, Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar, Malta Water Association, Front ODZ, Migrant Women Association Malta, Green Drinks, Nature Trust, Organisation Friendship in Diversity, Say It - Youtheme foundation, Sharklab, KOPIN, Slow Food Movement, Studenti Demokristjani Maltin, The Critical Institute, Why Not?, Alternattiva Demokratika, Bicycle Advocacy Group Malta, Moviment Graffitti, Core Green and fish4tomorrow.  

Statements from signatories:
1)    “We have a duty towards future generations to change direction and reverse the climatic impacts of human activity. This may well be the last chance.” Carmel Cacopardo Deputy Chairman of Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party.

2)    "The potential for cycling to modify CO2 emissions via a 10% reduction by 2050 according to the studies by UC Davis and the ITDP clearly set cycling as a significant game player in the future of urban transport, worldwide as well as locally in Malta." Bicycling Advocacy Group (Malta)
Source: A Global High Shift Cycling Scenario: Cycling could save cities $25 trillion and 10% of transport CO2 emissions by 2050. European Cyclists' Federation.

3)    [Full statement]“Despite all the efforts being made, governments either lack a long-term vision when addressing issues related to climate change, or are blinded by short-term monetary gains of economic growth. Humans are integrated into the natural environment, and we affect and are affected by it. It is for this reason that we need to move from active discussion about climate change to active doing, taking matters into our own legitimate hands. Issues regarding groundwater depletion, desertification and ocean acidification persist as major challenges for island states such as the Maltese Islands. Such issues need to take front seat with regards to policy design and implementation. Scientific knowledge ought to be shared in its fullest and not over-simplified, with the risk of being taken too lightly or partially understood. Thus we encourage our fellow youths to learn, take part and play an active role in preventing irreversible damage to our earth system.” Danika Formosa, General Secretary of Institute of Applied Science Student Organisation.

4)    “Today’s consumption and production patterns have brought humanity's impact on the planet beyond sustainable planetary boundaries. We are heavily dependent on the planet’s natural resources, including land, water, forests and minerals, yet we are putting ourselves and the earth's biodiversity in grave danger. The world urgently needs to come together to reverse the climate crisis and stop exacerbating hunger and poverty.“  William Grech, Director of KOPIN

Martin Galea De Giovanni

Friends of the Earth Malta - Chairperson
Address: P.O. Box 13, Valletta, VLT1000, Malta
Phone: +356 21225782
Mobile: +356 79420042

Fairtrade Pop-Up Café

Join us for an enjoyable & different Sunday afternoon! We will be serving an FAIRTRADE AFTERNOON TEA, interact with a quiz and will be honoured by a visit from Marcel Gomez, all the way from Brazil to speak about Fairtrade practices.

Set Menu: Fairtrade Afternoon Tea

- Savoury Cappuccino: a savoury soup served in a cup with potato 'foam' on top accompanied by a mini savoury chocolate croissant.
- A selection of bite sized sandwiches and a savoury scone (served with mango chutney and cheese).

- 2 Apricot Kernels, Orange & Cocoa Balls

- Banana & Pumpkin Cake with a Peanut Butter Glaze slice.

- Fairtrade Tea or Coffee

Price: €10

Goodies will be made with love, artisan, and using Fairtrade Ingredients.

Fairtrade Stalls with Fairtrade food items and gifts will be set up for your purchasing pleasure.

Save the date so you will start booking your tables. Email to book, as places are limited! First come, first served.

This event is a collaboration between Friends of the Earth Malta, CORE GREEN:Organic & Fairtrade Food, Green Drinks Malta and Pop Up Café Malta for Fairtrade Fruit Week.

Special thanks to University Chaplaincy. Event is part of Fruit Week. Through our project Supply Chainge, we will be raising awareness about the environmental and social issues related to production of fruits and juices.