Green Drinks Concept

GREEN DRINKS is a space created for people interested in the green movement across all disciplines, professions or interests. It's just a great opportunity for people of similar minds to meetup and chat in an informal atmosphere.

There's no membership, it's informal and self-sustaining and you just need to turn up. It's a great way to make new contacts, catch up with those people you don't get time to see during the working day and an opportunity to unwind a little!

We have a lively mixture of people. Come along and you'll be made welcome. We will look after you and introduce you to whoever is there. Everyone invites someone else along, so there’s always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an organic, self-organising network. We've held numerous great events and more on the way! (Check out the gallery!) Thanks for all your support!

Green Drinks Malta - The Hands-On Initiative:  In 2009 we have incubated an idea for Green Drinks Malta to serve as a hub for those volunteers wishing to participate in one off projects.  We have done some work with it but we are still waiting for a person to come along and give this initiative the energy it deserves.

Green Drinks is:  Inviting environmental experts to raise awareness about specific topics which the team feels that will be of particular interest to the Green Drinks people.

Green Drinks is:  Highlighting green entrepreneurship and innovation and letting the participants in on the next best environmental practice.

Green Drinks is:  Sending out a call open to all interested people to join us for the event. (The Minister responsible for water was also present for this particular event - World Water Day 2013).  A lovely mix of people always show up.  We usually find an interesting venue as well to enhance the event :)

Green Drinks is:  Socialising Green Drinks Style afterwards which is an integral part of the Gathering.  There is always something happening and in this event we had a survey question.  It is great to meet old and new participants, to enjoy a chat with like-minded people about the topic discussed over a drink.  These are happy occasions where friendship and laughter are shared.  
Nothing like a Green Drinks Gathering for multi-layered event :)

Thanks to John Portelli for these great photos.

Are you wondering how the Green Drinks initiative started?!

Well, a long long time a ago (1989), in a pub called the Slug and Lettuce in Northern London, Edwin Datschefski was sitting with several of his green design colleagues when he noticed an enviro-minded acquaintance at a nearby table. As it turned out, the friend was sitting with a few of his eco-conscious mates, so they pulled some tables together. And so a movement was born ...

The concept has evolved into "Green Drinks," and now it's global. In 2001, Datschefski created an official Web site and registered 36 cities in seven countries. They have their own so-called "nodes," which offer contact information for each city's coordinator.

Today Green Drinks is happening in 814 cities (and counting!) - including Malta (Malta was the 127 country of join). Its green, its fun!

Green Drinks nodes as end of 2011