Enchanted Forest - June Green Drinks 2008

Update: Thank you for joining us! Click here to see photos. Special thanks to Ian and Andrew Christie, Chris Borg Cutajar and Carla Farrugia (The Guild Malta) who did much of the work and organised such a wonderful setting for all to enjoy. Thanks also to the Mellieha mayor Robert Cutajar for his enthusiasm and cooperation. Leave your comments below (much appreciated!). And, as always, watch out for the next gathering ...

It is written, that on a magical night, the veil will be lifted from ordinary folk's eyes so they too may witness what really happens in the forest. If in tune with your core emotions, you can also perceive the enchantment of the forest and are allowed to participate in this fantasy for only one night.

The Enchanted Forest is a one-off event created by Green Drinks Malta teaming up with The Guild Malta to celebrate Forest Week 2008 with a difference. On the 14th of June, you are invited to gather for this experience, set your creative cogs free and dance the night away! So
step in the forest, let your leaves loose and take a walk back to your roots. The trees might just decide to follow…

Enchanted Forest

Saturday, June 14, 2008
7.30 pm - onwards
Bring your own food & drink
Dress up in a forest theme!
Ahrax tal-Mellieha (one turning to the left before the chapel)

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The trees will walk.

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