Microcosmos - September Green Drinks 2008

Big thanks to all those wonderful people that have attended the Green Drinks Gathering of August 2008! The event was a big success with 75 people turning up to watch the film Microcosmos and enjoy the wonderful venue of Gaia Foundation. Our appreciation also goes to Luke and Rudolph of Gaia Foundation for their organisation and initiative. Until the next! :)


Green Drinks Malta & Gaia Foundation are teaming up to present to you an edu-social evening on Tuesday the 2nd of September at Gaia Foundation premises, Ghajn Tuffieha.

We will be showing the film Microcosmos:

Microcosmos, Claude Nuridsany and Marie PĂ©rennou's incredible film of a meadow on a summers day, released in 1996, 84 minutes. In Microcosmos the animal world is bought to life with the aid of 'Macrovision ' and specially adapted cameras. In Microcosmos the images are so good that you have to remind yourself that this is real life, and this happens every hour of every day. Microcosmos provides romance, chivalry, humor, drama and a unique look at entomological eroticism. 15 years of research, 2 years of equipment design, 3 years of shooting, Microcosmos shows that you don't have to turn to science fiction to find an alien and unimaginable world.

So the programme will be as follows:
7.20pm - the sun will be setting so join us and enjoy nature's impeccable show.
Time for socialising over a glass of wine or if you are hungry, a fusion vegetarian buffet for 8 euro will be served (Indian, Thai, Chinese & Mediterranean food) from 7.30pm onwards.
8.30pm - start of the film (FREE)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
7.30 pm - onwards
Gaia Foundation, Ghajn Tuffieha.

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