On Saturday the 20th of September, Peppi Gauci invited the Green Drinks Team to tour his Permaculture project in Bahrija. He showed us what he sowed and planted, the irrigation system, the swales to keep the soil from being swept away by rain water, the rain water capture systems and the eco-toilet. His enthusiasm about the project swept us all off our feet! As a gesture of goodwill, Green Drinks presented Peppi with a carob tree sapling.

Peppi Gauci will be holding a couple of activities for the Green Drinks people including a showing of a Permaculture documentary film and discussion and also a work camp over a weekend in the beginning of November 2008.

Green Drinks Malta supports the Permaculture project and will work hand in hand with Peppi to raise awareness about this wonderful "symbiotic relationship with nature".

While we wish Peppi continuous drive and determination for his project, we would like you to click this link (Bahrija Oasis), so you can learn more about the project until you get some hands on experience. If you would like more information or would like to give Peppi a hand, contact him on: