Permaculture Training Camp 2008

The training camp is a one off opportunity to spend some time learning hands what Permaculture is all about. The added value is that you will be briefed by the only person who is qualified in Permaculture in Malta, you will be will a group of lovely people and surrounded by splendid natural surroundings.


Maximum of 8 people will be chosen to participate

Only those who are really interested in getting to know what Permaculture is all about and willing to do hands-on work need apply.

Programme will consist of:

Saturday 29th November

Meet at 9am in Bahrija Square

Briefing about the Permaculture Project

Hands on Work:

Stripping bark of wood logs,

Building a wind breaker,

Tending to weeds around trees,

Distributing compost round trees.

At 6.30pm the volunteers will make their way L'Isle Adam Band Club in Rabat so together with other invitees they will view film on Permaculture 'The Power of Community' and eat and drink together.

Evening back to Bahrija to camp for the night

Sunday 30th November

Wake up for coffee and start working on the farm till about 12.30pm

We will decide about the culinary aspect when the group of volunteers is formed:)

To Get With You:

Basic camping equipment

Utensils and cutlery

Weatherproof gear

Hat, sunglasses and sun cream (if sunny)


Pair of work gloves

Words of advice:

Sound travels quite a long way in the valley, so noises should be kept minimal. Remind ourselves that we are there observing nature. If you happen to notice unpleasant occasions such as hunters or trappers, please do not in any way attract unwanted energy. There is a lot at stake if we aggravate these people, so best is to avoid them and not show opposing suggestions or remarks.....the peaceful way is the best way.


Send an email to Natalie on stating why you should be chosen to be one to the eight volunteers.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 23rd November noon.

For information about Permaculture: