My Permaculture Experience

The first thing we did when we arrived at Peppi's farm was that we gathered around a circle so that he could explain to us what Permaculture is all about. When he was ready we all went for a walk in his land so that he could explain to us about some plants and trees that he has planted.

After some time Peppi split us into small groups to do some interesting work in his farm, for example: De-barking of the wood logs, making curtains out of sack-cloth. When we were ready Natalie made us some good pasta for the 8 of us. Then made some coffee to re- and again we were divided into 2 groups - half of us went with Peppi to collect some bamboo and the other half remained debarking the wooden logs till six o'clock.

At about 6.15pm we started our way to l'Isle Adam band club in Rabat so that we could eat and see a very interesting film called "The Power of Community" that was about Permaculture in Cuba. When we were ready we made our road back to Peppi's farm. Unfortunately it was a little bit windy but I think some of us were able to sleep.

Some woke up fresh and shiny, others with our eyes nearly closed. Had some hot coffee or tea to refresh our colourful minds. When we were ready Peppi gave some work to do like the day before; some of us planted some trees, some of us started de-barking wooden logs and the rest started to close the tents.

After a while Natalie made us some good toast and some coffee. When we were ready we completed with our work till about 2.15pm. Then we spent some time talking with each other about some facts and things in this world.

At about sometime Peppi told us that he could take us with him to a nearby hill that was really cool. From the top of this hill you could see a big part of Bahrija and also we could see Peppi's farm, from up there it looked really big. Bahrija looked like a grid boxes of fields. It looked amazing.

In my opinion:
For me this weekend was one of the best campings ever. Even the organisers were great. Ian and Natalie took a great responsibility on us even Peppi was so great. This experience was one that I can never forget; it was so interesting although it was only two days. For me it looked like a whole week because it was so full.

Although I am only fifteen years old the organisers treated me very good. So thanks a lot for this wonderful experience.

Andrew Tonna