Homeopathy – Green Vitality - June Green Drinks 2010


Homeopathy – Green Vitality by Alda Anastasi Homeopath – LSECH (UK), MSECH (UK), MARH) Discover how the simplest substance in a plant, mineral and all constituents of nature can assist you to regain your health. Saturday 19 June 2010 4pm – 6.30pm Villa Madama

You are invited for this interactive presentation. If you would like to self-develop & meet like minded people, join us at Villa Madama on the 19th of June. Book your place by emailing Natalie on: info@greendrinksmalta.org This is a free event. Seating is limited – first come, first served basis.

Homeopathy, Sustainability, and Environmental Healing by Joel Kreisberg
Preventing illness and protecting our environment can and should be mutually inclusive. To that end, Ecologically Sustainable Medicine (ESM) offers a clear agenda by codifying the tools and resources that lead to economically sustainable healthcare and environmental healing. Homeopaths can be persuasive spokespersons for this agenda because homeopathy is an excellent form of ESM and meets the requirements of a sustainable medical system: Non-toxic, non-polluting, sustainable, humane In ecological terms, homeopathic remedies never exhaust natural resources; there is negligible environmental impact and no question of over-consumption. Remedies meet the criteria for both renewable and sustainable sources of medicine. Compared to the waste stream produced by pharmacological manufacturing and by hospitals, the waste produced by a homeopathic pharmacy is infinitely small. No waste is produced from the original material; it is all used. And no harmful chemicals or complex reagents are used in the manufacturing process.