Taster of Conscious Eating - December Green Drinks 2010

A Taster of Conscious Eating was the last Green Drinks Malta Gathering for 2010 and we finished in style! Over 80 people participated in this event and many lovely comments where received!
This event was organised in conjunction with Friends of the Earth Malta and was supported by Anthony Abela of Villa Madama Balzan and Aldo & Chris Calleja of Sparkbow Ltd.

Many thanks go to the main speaker Dr Lidia Ukhaneva, to the food specialist Mary Licari and all the volunteers and friends who gave a hand. Special thanks are due to Guru Prabhu Darmayasa and Dada Shantimaya for gracing us with their presence.


Monday 13 December 2010 (public holiday)

4.30pm – 8pm

8.00pm onwards socialising

Villa Madama, Balzan

Fee: €7

Green Drinks, supported by Friends of the Earth, would like to invite you for a gathering that will increase your awarness of food and its effects on body, mind & spirit. To compliment the event, we will be serving the Life Cocktail & Healthy Delicacies.

Programme outline

An Introduction to Conscious Eating - Conscious Living - Presentation by Dr Lidia Ukhaneva MD, who practises the theories she has developed about food offering a way to better health, using a synthesis of academic knowledge and sacred traditions from diverse cultures in Asia, Russia, and the West.

Serving ’Green Drink’ (Life Cocktail)

You Are What You Eat – Presentation from FoE: Feeding and Fuelling Europe followed by a short film: Killing Fields - The Battle to Feed Factory Farms

Food for Thought - Fascinating facts about healthy eating

Interactive Quiz prepared by Green Drinks Malta

Fancy a Healthy Bite? - Delicacies prepared by Mary Licari

Chill Out – chance to mingle and ask questions to speakers and organisers etc.