What can you do with €10 on a Saturday evening? Lots if you choose to join us at Imġarr on Saturday the 29th of October at 5pm at the Imġarr Local Council Art Gallery.

Join us for an evening of information, positive vibe, fun, friends and food. We have a very good programme ready for you PLUS scrumptious food prepared by our top chef and Green Drinker Mary Licari.

All people of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in the environment and a healthier way of life – vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well are welcome. This is also a child-friendly event. If it is your first time at Green Drinks, let us know so we will introduce you to people.

Programme outline
Intro of the event

1. Romina Sah Fredo:
Our Legacy - Environmental aspects of vegetarianismRomina is full-time lecturer at the Junior College and at University.
She is also a PhD student and a mother, who is successfully raising a vegetarian family, even though she was born in the catering industry and for whom ham was once, her predominate means of sustenance (and who would not have thought twice about eating raw bacon!!). Romina has been vegetarian for the last 15 years in her life.

2. Dada Shantimaya:
Kitchen of Love - Different reasons to be vegetarian
Dada is a meditation teacher and yogi monk of Ananda Marga. He is the author of a wonderful book,”Kitchen of Love” which explains in detail the scient diet for healthy body, mind and soul.  The book will be on sale at the event.

3. Noel Camilleri:
Three Categories of Food and their influence on our body and mind- Satvic (sentient), Rajasic (Mutative) and Tamasic (Static) diet
Noel has been practicing Yoga since 1984 and in 1985 he became vegetaian. That same year he also joined the Ananda Marga movement, locally. In 1986 he started assisting a yoga class instructor and soon after he started delivering yoga asanas sessions. In 1987 he joined Ananda Marga as a full time volunteer, during which time Noel had the opportunity work both locally and abroad, teaching yoga and carrying out other organisational duties. At the beginning of 1990 he settled back in Malta and have been active in teaching yoga since. Between the years 2000 and 2009 he served as president of the local chapter of Ananda Marga Yoga Society.

4. Catherine Azzopardi:
Live and Let Live - Animals want to live happily too, like humans
Kamala is a teacher, currently director of Ċentru Tbexbix, a centre for neohumanistic education and social service in Cospicua. The centre's activities are based on the foundations of neohumanism which is an ideology that encompasses love and compassion to all living beings, including animals and plants. She is married with three adult children, the whole family is vegetarian for 21 years. 20 years ago she was the co-founder of the Vegetarian Society of Malta.

5. Interactive activity with FoE – True or False?

6. The Orange and Green “Ecological Veggie Table” – presenting an array of vegetarian delights by Mary Licari

1. Lentilicious Lentils
2. 'Hallo-Weeny' Roasted Pumpkin
3. Fragrant Oryza Stir Fry with blend of root earth veggies&sunny ones
4. 'Green Grass' Green Salad served with seed toppings&walnut bits with Sunflower Seed Dressing
5. ‘See by Night’ Carrot salad

6. ' Pearly Figgy Wiggys' - a super healthy dessert with figs&walnuts with a coating of coconut served with Sunflower Raisin Creme.

Fruit punch with a twist of rose petals

Dress: We would like to see splashes of green and/or orange and a dash of Halloween.

Do your friends a favour and forward this event information to them.

Book now and early and avoid disappointment by sending an email to info@greendrinksmalta.org
This non-profit event is brought to you with the love and dedication of the GREEN DRINKS MALTA team. We also have the support of the Mġarr Youth Commitee and Friends of the Earth (FoE) for this yeah!!