Malta’s Coast Revealed - Green Drinks January 2012

Join Malta Cafe Scientifique and Green Drinks Malta on Thursday the 12th of January at 7.15pm at St. James Cavalier for
Malta’s Coast Revealed

The coast is not an easy place to inhabit. Physical conditions in this habitat are generally unstable and any organisms occupying this area would need to cope with wide fluctuations of temperature, salinity and water availability, sometimes over the course of a few hours or minutes. The substrate itself is also unstable. Organisms living on sandy beaches may be alternately buried or exposed by shifting sands whilst rough seas can modify entire habitats in just a few hours.

Over the past century, human exploitation of the coast has also become a significant ecological factor. The coast is now valued for its recreational and economic values and, as such, extensive tracts have been given over to coastal development leading to their obliteration or pollution. After surviving the sun, wind, sand, salt, waves, drought and pollution, what remains is a group of species that are hardy and, in some cases, prolific. Some species survive by struggling through the difficult conditions; other by avoiding them. In their own way, all are supremely adapted to exploiting an environment that most other species cannot.

Dr Sandro Lanfranco will give a talk about specialised costal species and how they cope with the extreme conditions in this habitat.

The talk is free but you are kindly asked to book on as we will need to prepare the seating.