Let's Do It! Malta


Quick summary of the Let’s do it history;

In 2008, in the Baltic country of Estonia, a small group of people met together and had a vision of a clean and healthy country. It was time for change, it was time to clean all the country in just one day. This gave birth to one of the fastest-expanding civic movements in history, Let’s Do It!

That year, 50,000 people participated in a nation wide clean-up. Since then other countries have followed through with the same model - mass citizen engagement in national clean-up actions on a single day. 
To date, about 9 million volunteers have participated in Let’s Do It! actions and the network has spread throughout 110 countries (including Malta).

On the 10th and 11th May 2014, an international clean-up will take place in more than 22 Mediterranean countries under a five year campaign called Let’s do it! Mediterranean.

Malta is proud to announce its participation in such a great regional effort, which will involve a land and sea clean-up. To organise such a large project,Let's Do It! Malta requires the collaborative effort of all of society. This project will bring us together, and will give you the opportunity to be part of a positive change in our society. 

To organise such an event we need dreamers and doers, people with vision and a concrete will to build the largest clean-up event our Islands have ever seen.

These are the teams we have in place;
Communication: promote the campaign and it’s activities, who captivate the attention of the public, to motivate their participation and involvement.

Partnership: inspire and coordinate organisations which value our cause and want to be part of this big movement. 

Sponsorship: identify, approach and negotiate with sponsors to attain materials required by other teams.

Volunteer recruitment: drive, excite, motivate and inspire people to join our cause and coordinate them to an appropriate team.

Organisational: a select number of people who will be trained to lead the land clean-up through being active in the field.

Diving: experts which coordinate the certified divers in the sea clean-up.

Logistics: plan the necessary comforts for the volunteers on the day, keep statistical records as well as coordinate the transport and environmental handling of collected waste.

Mapping: coordinate the scouting of our Islands whilst looking for garbage, collecting its information in a centralised manner.

Educational: raise awareness and motivate the children, teenagers and adults to have a passion towards the nature that sustains us.

Fun and Social Activities: artists and organisers which through their creativity will make the clean-up day a cheerful event for everyone.

The idea is that each one of us contributes in the way s/he feels able to, be it through organising the event or simply taking part on the 10th and 11th of May. Involve yourself and we will motivate you to be the best you can be. Indicate which team you would like to be in by filling in the registration form. We will introduce you to your team and help along every step of the way.

Feel free to get in contact through e-mail and by joining the facebook group of volunteers.

We are not only doing this for our country, but also for ourselves and for the generations yet to come. Together, we can achieve anything. We only need to dream and do!

Faisal Sadegh

Lead Project Coordinator
Let’s Do It Mediterranean - WEB - FB

National Coordinator
Let’s Do It Malta - FB Page - FB Group

M: +356 99 435 806
E: faisal@letsdoitworld.org
S: faisalparkour