Green Drinks Malta Meets The Vegetarian Society of Malta

On the 16th of October 2014 we had the pleasure to meet the core team members of The Vegetarian Society of Malta.  It was very interesting to say the least to listen to Mr John Darmanin speak, still passionately, about the infancy of the society, the lovely events they used to organise amid the wonder and amazement of the a population who still thought that vegetarians were an alien species and their values straight out of hell.  Christine Garzia describes Mr Darmanin as “a real fountain of wisdom and knowledge” and rightly so.  I was in full admiration listening attentively to his layered and deep, ethically-honed world view.

Those who wish to contribute some time and energy to assist with the great and important work of The Vegetarian Society are encouraged to contact Christine Garzia on

Green Drinks Malta wishes John, Grace and Christine many years of service to the community through their important work and looking forward to your next event.

Additional Information:
This is some excellent information I lifted that was originally supplied by Katherine and George Azzopardi who were active in the founding of the society:
When the Vegetarian Society of Malta was founded in October 1992, there were very few vegetarians in Malta and 99% of the island's 330,000 inhabitants had probably never even heard the word. In just five years, that situation has been radically altered by a small group of people dedicated to getting the concept of vegetarianism widely known throughout Malta. There has been such a huge increase in interest encouraged also by the tourist trade that the majority of restaurants now include a vegetarian menu.
From the beginning, the society placed maximum emphasis on the need to educate the public and therefore to publish as much information as possible in a widely accessible form.

Members of the society send greetings to vegetarians around the world, and especially to those who dedicate time and effort to achieving the beautiful ideal of a vegetarian world. Human beings must come to understand that they should eat only those foods which will have a beneficial effect on body, mind and spirit, and to appreciate that all forms of life humans, animals, birds, fish, plants have a right to be treated with respect. Those basic principles, together with a firm determination to succeed, will ultimately bring about the revolution of consciousness so urgently needed by planet earth and all its inhabitants”.
I also came across a direct but eloquent letter penned by Mr John Darmanin to The Times of Malta to shed some light on vegetarian matters. 

Ms Christine Garzia, the PRO of the Society has based her dissertation on Vegetariansim entitled ‘On Becoming Vegetarian, A Study of Beliefs and Motives’