Green Drinks Malta for Let's Do It Malta

The environmental NGO Let’s Do It Malta is organizing a national clean-up on Saturday 9th May 2015, which will be held at various spots throughout the Maltese islands.

The organisation had held another clean-up last year, which had attracted around 1,200 volunteers who had collected an estimated 28,000 kilos of waste. This year, the clean-up effort has already attracted some 3,000 volunteers and it is targeting some 50 different locations. In their press release the organization explained that they expected collection figures to double.

The organisation is increasingly gaining support and it is motivating the public to keep the country clean.

“Trash is becoming an invasive, offensive problem evident all around us. This is not a problem we can solve individually. Together we can show that our country deserves to be kept clean for our sake, and for the sake of future generations,” the statement reads.

Let’s Do It Malta explained that the group had developed its vision statement following its thoughts. Its aims are the reduction of public littering, promotion of active citizenship, increasing public environmental awareness, reaching a zero waste culture and helping to create a more eco-friendly mentality.

50 organizations have already confirmed their participation next Saturday, including Green Drinks Malta.  We will meet near the Aquarium in Qawra at 9am on Saturday 9th May.