March Against Bayer / Monsanto - Malta‎ 2017

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An event that concerns us all...

How much more human lives can we sacrifice?

Over the past year we have seen several articles in the local media regarding the use of pesticides and the residues being detected that exceed the MAXIMUM RESIDUE LEVELS (MRL). These test are far too little and inefficient due to the fact that by the time these test are received all produce would have been consumed and excreted inflicting long term damages on our bodies!

We thus feel that for this year’s March Against Monsanto we should tackle this VERY URGENT issue.

Unlike what some people think, the availability of food and water devoid of harming chemical is a RIGHT and not a privilege! Unfortunately in Malta a small number of farmers think that they can do otherwise and present and sell food that is laced with TOXIC chemical to the detriment of the consumer!

This year’s March Against Monsanto is to ask the Maltese authorities to take all the necessary actions against these CRIMINALS and not simply suspend them from trading their produce at the Ta’Qali Pitkali or the Ta’Qali Farmers Market. These farmers are not being stopped from selling their produce at other outlets or directly to consumers!

The government HAS to invest in local laboratories that can give a definite and legally binding chemical test result that will have legal weight in a matter of hours and thus avoid that such produce be consumed by the unaware consumer. We need political responsibility on this matter. The health sector is already gobbling up 1/3 of our national budget! How much more human lives can we sacrifice?

NB: Green Drinks Malta will also be there. Join us on Saturday, 20th May at 10:00 in Valletta to walk together and deliver the message home

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