Green Drinks Malta CORE VALUES

Green Drinks = ‘Green’ stands for the environmental awareness raising aspect + ‘Drinks’ stands for the socialising, the interactive and community-building aspect where individuals / representatives of organisations meet in a social context potentially fostering cooperation and experiencing moments of serendipity.

Green Drinks delivers quality events for all to enjoy. We work hard to deliver only the best events with interesting subjects, awesome speakers and great venues. We work on a trust basis and we seek a high level of commitment from everyone. You promise to show up and you do. If for some reason you do not manage to make it, let us know soonest.

Green Drinks give and take. We love organising enjoyable events for you and we need you to feel part of the whole thing. Do offer in return and please answer emails and calls for assistance when made.

Green Drinks is independent. We are a platform; a space for like-minded people to meet. We are not affiliated to any political party. We are affiliated to humankind and we are part of this wonderful creation.

Green Drinks strives to build a community. Since its inception, we work to nurture a community of individuals so they will become more receptive to a greener way of living. Help to grow the community by inviting people to participate in the events. People from within the community offer to give a presentation or a hand in the organisation. You are part of this community – approach us and let us know how you can help in strengthening Green Drinks Malta.

Green Drinks seeks to strengthen the network. Get out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to other people who are present at the event. The interest in the environment is common to all so that is one topic you can start off with. The organisers will also help with introductions. The community is strengthened from one gathering to the next by striving to enhance connections between the participants. We try our utmost so everybody feels included.

Green Drinks promotes a greener way of living. Enjoy a truly green drink, bring your own cup and consider carpooling, buses, biking or walking to the event. 

Green Drinks gives you the space to come to your own conclusions. We present ideas but it is up to you to discuss, analyse and draw your own conclusions. Question the views presented and if they resonate with you, take them on board. Your shade of green might deepen.

Green Drinks is a profit making network. We seek a yield of knowledge, wisdom, strength and connectedness. If we wanted other types of profit, we wouldn't be doing this.

By the end of 2006, the founder said that Green Drinks Malta always seem to have a blast, it's quickly become one of the most vibrant Green Drinks in the world”. Let’s keep the reputation and have fun!! As Green Drinks is international, when you travel, attend a Green Drinks event!